Herbologist's Trowel (& Free Seeds!)


This garden hand trowel is strong and durable.

Each trowel has a metal head and is complete with a wooden handle with a silver rim.

Seed Mixture Contents: Corn Chamomile 15%, Corn Cockle 45%, Cornflower 20%, Corn Marigold 15%, Common Poppy 5%.

Trowels are a one-off limited product and unfortunately won’t be re-stocked once sold out.

The Herbologist's Trowel is the perfect tool for those looking to get started in the world of Herbology and for those who already know their way around the greenhouse.

Comes with a FREE jar of pollinator friendly wildflower seeds. These are classed as 'live seeds', please check whether your country allows the importation of live seeds before placing your order.